Wednesday, July 8

What are sisters for?

Smiles and laughs.
Helping a sibling in need.
Being a punching bag?

RL is a great big sister. She has so much fun with her brother. Lately she has become very protective of him. If someone gets too close to JM or wants to hold him and she doesn't want you to, she will say, " No, that's my little brother." If you don't listen, she will continue to say it becoming more and more agitated until you DO hear her.
She has her bouts of jealousy, but she is definitley mommy's little helper.


Gigi said...

These pics are just so C U T E!!
Glad you were able to upload.
RL and JM are adorable!
Thanks for the update.

Bren said...

I love the braclets... they are so cute.

M. Sperber said...

Make her wear a baseball hat next time she is helping you feed the little guy.

Must sound like a very odd comment for those that don't know the story. Notice I am still not telling it....

Leanne said...

so sweet.

Scott and Lorri said...

Your kids are growing so fast. Let danior know that he needs some rogane ( he,he) So sweet to see the older sibling tend to the younger.