Thursday, July 30

Disneyland for Katy's Birthday!

We decided to take advantage of getting a gift card at Disneyland for my birthday and Danior took the day off to come with us to enjoy a day at the Happiest Place on Earth.
Rebekah with a statue of her favorite Disney characters... Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip!
Doesn't Jonah look cute in his baseball cap.

She ran through Sleeping Beauty's Castle to see this picture.

The best place in all of Disneyland... at least according to Rebekah. She is happy just being in sight of the castle.

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M. Sperber said...

How the heck can Jonah be so terrified of me when I wear a hat and then you go and put a baseball hat on him? How is it possible that he didn't scream bloody murder but burried his head in my arms crying until I finally took my hat off?

Holy cow....hahahahahaha oh well.