Thursday, July 30

The problem with sports...

Well... though at first thought the problem with sports might be that it is taking my husband away from the home after he's been gone all day at work, and leaving me with two tired and cranky kids to try and put to bed... that's not what the worst problem.
Danior likes to play basketball with some guys on Tuesday nights. Even though I would rather have him at home, we (me and the kids) send him off to play ball. On July 8th he got ready to go play and I told him I could really use his help at home and asked him not to go. Since he REALLY wanted to, we reluctantly let him go.
When he came home at 10:30-ish, he limped in the door saying he twisted his ankle and needed to put his foot up for a bit. Getting ready for bed h took off his shoe and found this:
He woke up the next morning not able to put any weight on it and in a lot of pain. He called work and told them he would be working from home that day. Here's what the foot looked like 24 hrs after the injury:
He wasn't able to go to work the next day either. Here is two days after the injury:

Three days after the injury (Friday) Danior insisted on going to work. He wore an ankle brace and used crutches that we borrowed from my parents. Danior had to go to work because they were having their employee appreciation luncheon and activity that day and he was taking the next week off the study for the CPA exam. So, he had to go in and get the last minute things finished before his time off... and, since it was their appreciation day he was able to come home early and put his foot up. Here it is 3 days after the injury:

4 days after the injury it was still really swollen and painful. The bruising was starting to turn yellowish, but he couldn't put any weight on it without wearing the brace. He wore the brace while sleeping too in order to help it not be so sore in the morning. Day 4:

Day five added bruising on the toes. I was still convinced that maybe he had broken something in his ankle, but Danior was sure he had just rolled it. So, he didn't go to the Dr..Here is the end of day 5:

Since then he has been able to take the brace off. It isn't bruised anymore but if he is standing for too long and walking around too much it gets sore and swollen. He still comes home from work and puts it up to try and reduce the swelling, but it is definitely getting better.
So... what is the worst part about sports????
Well... husbands ignore the promptings of wives who tell them it's not a good idea to play. Then they come home injured and out of commission for much longer than just the two hours it takes to play the games. Then, one month, one large frozen bag of peas, a brace, crutches, and lots of Tylenol later, they are almost back to where they were before they left that night to play ball. And above all, who gets takes the brunt of it???? The wife. Doesn't seem fair to me... but we love them anyway. In his defense, he takes trials really well never once complained about the pain.
Danior- I'm glad your ankle is feeling better... just take it easy next time. Love you!


Bren said...

I am glad the foot is feeling better. I just hope that it healed correctly and they won't have to re-break it to set it the right way.

Sheena said...

Haha! That is so true! Mat has hurt his ankle SO many times and it's hard on the whole family. The funny thing is that right when it's all better, there they go off to b-ball again!

Robert and Suzanne said...

I still think the issue is your insurance. Get a better plan for next year's enrollment. Then he will not be so reluctant to get such injuries checked out. Glad it is better now.

Wives must be patient with their husbands. We are a stupid bunch.

M. Sperber said...

Katy, here's the thing.....
Guys play hard. The idea, initially, is to step onto the court/field to goof around and have a good time. About 5-10 minutes into things, that "let's have a good time attitude" turns into, I will kill for the ball, it's my ball, who do you think you are trying to touch my ball? It is as if we are insulted that the opposition thinks they are good enough to share the court/field with us. That is just how it is. Once the game is over, we're all friends again.

Play hard or go home, if the bone isn't showing then you aren't really hurt. Kudos to Danior for not going to the doctor. It was just a little bruised.

Scott and Lorri said...

Suck it up danior!!! Poor Katie for having to deal with her husbands ego!! MEN