Monday, September 14

In Need of Advice

Sorry, there aren't any pics on this post, but I promise there will be some forthcoming... have a lot to post.

But, here is my problem:

Jonah is having a hard time sleeping. He refuses to go to sleep until midnight or later. He usually takes two naps during the day varying from 45min-2 hrs. We have to wake him up in the morning, usually round 8:30am. He is obviously not getting enough sleep and from what I have read, babies who don't get enough sleep have a hard time going to sleep. We have recently tried just letting him cry himself to sleep at night. It takes him about 15-20 minutes of crying to fall asleep, but sometimes he still won't sleep and after crying for 20 minutes Danior or myself will go in his room, rock him, and he goes to sleep. Some nights he is up several times during the night, other nights he sleeps like a rock.

Has anyone had any success getting their kids on a good daily nap/sleep routine? If so, I would love some advice on what worked for you, and how you did it.



Jen Lynn said...

i let 'em cry. Some people have issues w/ it, but it works. And I mean cry! I think Caroline cried for like 2 hours once. It usually took about a week to get them on the 7-7 schedule, but anyone can attest that my kids are GREAT sleepers.

I stocked up on a bunch of good movies and earplugs.

I've heard that the "happiest baby" guys is pretty awesome. dr. Karp?

Laura said...

I know it is not easy to hear, but letting him cry and not rocking him is the best solution. this is hard for me too, but the only effective way. also, you need to get him to bed early. a good bedtime would probably be around 7 to 8, and it will help him not wake at night because he will be better rested. this way he should be waking up around 7 to 8 in the morning and be ready for a 10am first nap. with both kids I have read healthy sleep habits, happy child by dr. marc weissbluth and I think it helps a lot. good luck!

Russell Family said...

I agree with the previous two comments. I took advice from my mom on what NOT to do and rocking is bad. We had Alec sleeping through the night at 3 months and (despite the random nightmare) never a problem. It was hard, but letting him cry was the best thing we could have done.

Katy said...

Thank you Thank you!!! I won't feel so bad about letting him cry then. I just feel bad or Rebekah who is stuck in there asleep with him crying. Sometimes she ends up in our room to wait it out. But... if I put him to bed earlier it should be okay. I will try that tomorrow.

Any other advice is greatly appreciated!

Bren said...

Mike would cry forever, I would let him cry and cry. Finally he would sleep. Now he sleeps like a baby. He never wants to get up. It is kinda sad.

Leanne said...

I force it. they take naps or they cry, sounds mean but it really does work. I try to have everything on a schedule. that way they always know that nap follows lunch, and bedtime follows bath/reading scriptures.

Suzanne Shisley said...

Dad is so well trained that he loves to sleep and only cries now when he can't go to bed because it's too early.