Saturday, October 24

A Fun New Website

I created another new blog. This time it's all about the fun crafts I do. I LOVE to craft and with such a busy life, I use what I have, when I can, to craft. This blog is dedicated to all the simple crafts I can do using stuff I already have. I will post pictures and explain how I made it... then, if any of you other crafters want to try it you can.

If there are any other crafter out there who would like to contribute ideas to the blog, let me know and we can post it up there for everyone else to see.

I would love to inclue fun crafts/activities for kids to do as well. Hopefully it will give us all some fun ideas.

Please check it out!

(There is also a link to it under the Fun Stuff list on the side.)


Emma said...

Your link above does not work... probably because it is not katys crafting again but instead katys creating again.

I love the pumpkins though, great idea.

Katy said...

Thanks Emma... I fixed it. I suppose I need a little more editing. :)