Sunday, October 18

Prayers are answered. Yay us!

So, as some of you know, Danior and I (ok, mostly me) manage our apartment complex. Most of the time there are minimal problems. The occasional bee swarm, minor flooding, drain clog, etc. We're lucky that most tenants are really nice. This last week we knew we had to deal with an issue that would not be pleasant, because the person is not pleasant. They like to yell, curse, throw tantrums, and are generally very rude at all times. Since we knew this was coming, Danior had the great idea to include our upcoming encounter in our prayers. We did. We prayed for calmness, the Spirit, safety and even for this person. And ya know what happened? It Worked!!! The person couldn't have been nicer if we'd scripted it. This was a major area of stress last week so we shared our concerns with the Lord, and He came through. Sometimes, just when life is really stressful and it seems we've taken on more than we can handle, Heavenly Father shows He's still watching out for us. I'm greatful for that.


OneTreeForest said...

I'm glad it worked out for you. Managing does have quite it's share of unpleasantness... Emma

Gigi said...

Thanks for sharing the faith promoting story. It is always wonderful to hear when prayers are answered.

And thanks for the new pics - they are too cute!