Tuesday, January 19

Living Room Makeover...

The before picture of the shelving unit on the wall.

Danior was such a good sport. He didn't love the fact that I wanted to revamp our living room... but I was pretty tired of looking at Navajo colored walls. After 3 years... it was time for a change. Danior even helped a little bite. He pried the moulding off the ceiling with a crowbar... and helped hold the new piece of drywall to fill in the 1/2" gap above the shelving unit. In addition to filling in the gap... I bought some cute moulding and reframed the shelves to give them a more classy look. I had a blast cutting, nailing, caulking and painting it all.

I screwed in the new drywall and patched the screws and gaps to make it smooth. This is what my living room looked like on painting day!!!

The kids were gated out of the living room and when Jonah wasn't napping he was buckled in his high chair... the poor guy... but at least he got to see what was going on.

I have the BEST brother in the whole world. He gave up several hours of his Friday morning to come over and help me paint. Our friends the Smarts (who moved into our bldg.. yay!!!) also came over and helped out. I couldn't have gotten it done without all of you guys!!!!

As part of our renovation... we bought our very first set of couches... we found a really great deal at IKEA and I absolutely love these couches!!! They are super comfy. I think I will cry the first time they get stained... but I know it's bound to happen. The slipcovers are washable though so that's a big bonus.

These aren't the FINAL pics because I am still working on finishing up my curtains. Once they are done I will post pictures of the finished products so stay tuned... I know the suspense is killing you......
(Oh, I got new blinds too... I was tired of the vertical ones. I will blog about those with the finished product pics!!)


OneTreeForest said...

I built those shelves... I am glad to see they are still up. When we first moved in there it was totally open, I couldn't stand it so I built that wall unit. I hope someone came in after me and fixed it, I am not a carpenter but sure had fun experimenting. I love the new look WOW what an improvement.

Emma said...

I'm glad you're a talented decorator! I love the white/blue combo. It's a very nice look...what's David think of it?

Leanne said...

I like the blue you chose. those shelves look WAY better!