Tuesday, January 19

The last couple days..

Rebekah got to sleep over at grandma and grandpa's house on Friday night which allowed Danior and I a chance to go the Lens Crafters and get new glasses. We haven't had new glasses in 3 years!!! So, it was about time. As we were getting examined the Dr. told us we both needed to get our eyes dilated. I'm not sure if either of us has ever done that before and boy was it an interesting experience. We did get some cool shades to wear... and Rebekah loved them. When we went to pick her up at my parent's house she was jealous that Danior had such cool glasses on and since I had already gotten my new sun glasses she got to have my "cool shades". I am soooo thankful for insurance! Our glasses were expensive as it is... I think I would have had a heart attack if I had to pay full price!
Here's a picture of my kids on Monday! For those of you who don't live in sunny L.A., it was POURING on Monday. But... being the brave and hard-working person I am... I showed 6 different sets of people apartments. My kids spent most of the day changing in and out of boots and raincoats.
...luckily, I have the best kids in the world. They loved going out in the rain and didn't even mind having to put on coats! Rebekah loved that she could carry the umbrella... it was just too bad that she could only really cover her knees with it... but she had fun none-the-less.

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