Tuesday, January 19

A Sunny Cali Day...

Our friends the Smarts happened to walk by our patio as we were out sweeping and playing and noticed the cool playset that the kids have. (We got is from a really good friend who's kids had outgrown it.) I told them about how Rebekah wants to play on it but we haven't been able to get the slide connected since we brought it to our apt. The decided to work on it to see if they could figure it out... and with some inginuity and muscle power they were able to connect the slide. The kids have been so happy...

Playing on the top.

Exploring the wheel.

The only way to keep the kids (Jonah especially) from escaping.

Jonah's turn to go down the slide.

Tasting the wood chips and offering some to mom.

Rebekah's turn to slide.

Thinking about sliding.

Peeking through ...

This gives a better view of the new and improved patio set-up. The kids love to play out here now that it is more kid-friendly. We bring out the dump truck toy that Brenda and Mike got Jonah for Christmas and Rebekah brings out whatever toys/gardening tools she feels like playing with... and we enjoy some time out in the fresh air.
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