Friday, April 23

Thank Goodness for Answers to Un-uttered Prayers!!!

I know that doesn't totally make sense, but let me explain:
(long post)
     Those of you who know us well, know that Jonah has severe milk and peanut allergies. Well, last night I thought I was being a really great mom and tried making some dairy-free chocolate chip cookies. I substituted the butter for some milk-free margarine (Nucoa) and left out the chocolate chips for Jonah's share of cookies.
     Well, I don't know about at your house, but at ours it is a treat to lick the beaters/bowl after we make cookies. Since Rebekah ate all her dinner, I gave her a beater. Poor Jonah was sitting in his high chair watching to see if he was getting one too. Well... I knew there was no dairy in the mix, so I wiped off most of the batter from the beater and handed him one to enjoy.
     I placed the first cookie sheet in the oven (chocolate chip free). Then the second (after mixing in some mini chocolate chips to the batter). I look over to see the look of joy from both my children, and while Rebekah had a huge smile (and cookie dough) on her face, Jonah didn't. I walked over to check him out and he started sneezing (a warning sign of an allergic reaction onset). I got him a sippy cup with soy milk (to try and wash out whatever was in his system) and by the time I made it back to his chair his eyes were swelling and he was breaking out in hives. I grabbed the beater, chucked it in the sink, told Rebekah to come with me, and we took JM directly to the tub for a complete scrub down.
     Usually a nice thorough bath and some soy milk (or formula) helps to alleviate all but the hives, which slowly dissipate. Well... not last night. He was getting worse in the bath. I knew Danior was only 5-10 minutes away from coming home, so I told RL to go out in the living room and as soon as daddy gets home to tell him to hurry into the bathroom.
     2 minutes later she comes running in "Daddy's home". I explain the situation and Danior says that my cute little Rebekah was waiting for him and the second he opened the door to come in she told him several times that mommy needs him in the bathroom - not even a "hi daddy" and a big hug like usual. Poor little Jonah continues to cough, gag, and sneeze through his bath, but I manage to get him to drink some soy milk by making a big deal (clapping, saying yay, etc.) with every drink he takes. He thought it was great and kept drinking... halleluja!!
     We get him out, get his dressed into pj's and continue to watch him. 20 minutes goes by (10 minutes past his bedtime) and he's looking pretty tired. His allergic reactions tend to wipe him out and with it being bedtime he was extra sleepy. I ask him if he wants a bottle, and instead of the usual excitement, he just kind of heads towards the kitchen.
     I am in the process of making him a bottle when he collapses on the floor gagging and coughing. I get down with him to help him and he loses dinner all over the kitchen floor - a couple times (I tried to keep that as non-descriptive as possible). We rush him back to the bath, pj's and all, and give him another bath. I start freaking out because he is still having trouble breathing from the mucous that has been building up in his throat and lungs, and my sweet, sweet husband suggests we call a neighbor of ours to come help give Jonah a blessing. He says he will be right over. We finish up the bath and wrap him up in a warm, soft blanket for the blessing. He was pretty pale and obviosuly not feeling well the rest of the evening, but he was able to go to sleep and not have any more problems. Now we are wondering if he has an egg allergy too.
    So, why am I thankful for answers to un-uttered prayers? Well, throughout the whole process I was trying to decided at what point I needed to call 9-1-1.. thinking it would take them a little bit to get here. Between those thoughts and trying to take care of my poor little guy, I kept thinking to myself... I need to say a prayer... I need to say a prayer. I was so worried about making sure he was ok, I never did. But, I know Heavenly Father knew the intent of my heart and blessed me and Danior with the knowledge we needed to take care of him, as well as the inspiration to seek a blessing. Almost immediately after his blessing, he was feeling and looking much better.
    So, I count all of my blessings from last night and I am thankful for answers to un-uttered prayers!


Tera said...

That has got to be so scary. Having allergic reactions like that are horrible. Poor little guy.

Haley Wyndham said...

very glad he is ok.
Grateful for blessings and anserings to prayers.