Sunday, April 25

Someone got a haircut...

So, for the past 3 years I have been cutting Rebekah's hair myself... and I'm sure it showed. Well, yesterday I decided to have her hair cut by a professional. Brenda, Rebekah and I drove out to Oxnard where Jeanie (not exactly sure how we are related, but I know we are related somehow) colored and cut mine and Brenda's hair, and gave RL her first official haircut!

Rl was sooooo brave! She was so scared, but she never cried, or wiggled... she just put her head down... which turned out to not be such a bad thing.
She had an inch or two cut off the bottom, and the bangs trimmed (so they were actually straight rather than straight-ish). After having her hair cut, Jeanie colored and cut Brenda's hair. RL and I walked around the strip mall looking at all the stores. We went inside Petco and she got jumped on and licked by a dog that escaped it's owner. It looked like a Basset Hound and when it stood on it's hind legs to jump on RL, it was taller than she was. She was a good sport though and laughed a little, then when it came back for round 2, I picked her up. After that we walked to Dairy Queen where, unbeknownst to me they were having a GREAT deal on blizzards. Buy 1 get one for 25 cents! I couldn't pass it up so we each got a blizzard. YUM!!!!
Once Brenda's hair was done, Jeanie styled Rebekah's hair putting it in a "Princess Braid".

The finished product:

After getting our hair done -- which took A LOT longer than we thought -- we went out to lunch.
Thanks Jeanie for all of out awesome haircuts!!!
I had a great day spending time with my sister and my daughter. It was a "girls day out". I am so thrilled that RL is old enough now to be able to enjoy these kinds of things. She is by far the cutest little girl I know!!!


Gigi said...

RL -
You are brave and beautiful, just like princesses always are. What a great adventure you had! Plus ice cream! Wonderful day!

Leanne said...

that hair do it awesome! so exciting to get a girls day!