Wednesday, May 5

My New Tutorial Blog

If you are a crafter, or would like to be, you have to check out my new blog! I will be adding tutorials on easy crafts, and maybe some more difficult ones, cleaning helpers, cooking tips, sewing ideas, and much more!

Today's feature: A decorative dry erase board that cost about $5, and took about 10 minutes to make! Check it out here. Make sure you bookmark it or put a link to it on your blog so you can come back!
Feel free to leave comments and share with your friends!


M. Sperber said...

obviously i never comment. usually just read and leave. Took a look at your other blog.

Pretty cool Katy. You're so creative.

Keep up the great work!

Gigi said...

I love this! So easy even I could do it! I think. Might give it a try! You are so clever!