Monday, May 3

Allergy Confirmation

     For those of you who don't remember this you can check it out as a reminder. Last Wednesday I dropped RL off at her "school" - which is really more like just babysitting, but she loves it - and I took Jonah for a visit with the allergist. We were there for-e-ver! We met with the allergist for over an hour going over every reaction that Jonah has had (which luckily isn't too many) and what his reaction was like, how long it lasted, etc.. Then we went to pick up a prescription for epipens. Yay! Although I don't like the fact that we have to now carry 2 epipens with us everywhere we go, I also like it. Now I KNOW that if my poor little guy were to have a reaction to something, I at least now have a way to help him.
    After waiting for about 20 minutes for the prescription we headed down to the basement of Kaiser to have blood drawn. My little guy was so good. I held him tight so he wouldn't wiggle the butterfly out. He had his pacifier in his mouth for comfort. He wiggled once just after being pricked, then nothing. Just sat there watching. Not a peep... nothing. After they filled up 2 of the biggest viles I've ever seen, they put the cotton ball and tape on his arm. He just kept pointing at it and holding up his arm for me to see. So cute... what a brave little guy. As we walked out of the drawing room and into the waiting room, everyone was in disbelief that he had just gotten his blood drawn and didn't make a sound!
     The allergist decided to do a blood allergy test on him just to see if there was anything else we needed to worry about that we didn't already know. He was tested for the top 8 food allergens: milk, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts, cod, shrimp, and walnuts. Well, today we got the results from those blood tests in the mail. As suspected, the allergist said that the blood tests confirmed his sensitivity to milk, eggs, and peanuts. I have no idea what the numbers from the results mean, but most of the allergens ranged from a score of .10-.30. Eggs and peanuts had a score of 3.0 and 3.4. Milk had a score of 19.5. So, I figure the higher the number the higher the sensitivity.
     So, this saturday my mom and I may head off to Whole Foods to scope out some dairy free, peanut free, egg free products... and I will continue to carry my Epipens!


Tera said...

I totally understand going through everything you guys did. Brynna was allergic to dairy, wheat and eggs. Whole foods is a great place to find wonderful substitutes for them! Happy Shopping. And I always say it is better to know and have an action plan than to always worry what is wrong!

Karen S said...

I'm so sorry. My good friend's kids all have terrible allergies. What an ordeal. You're lucky you figured it out so early though.