Wednesday, June 23

A Great Find!

So, by now you all know about poor Jonah's food allergies. Well... last week while grocery shopping at Ralphs, I came across these:

Much to my surprise.... they just happen to be milk-free, egg-free, and peanut-free... they aren't even processed in a place that handles those things! So, for breakfast the other morning, we toasted some mini bagels!!! Rebekah and I used a little of real butter on ours.... my little Jonah-bug had Nucoa (a dairy free margarine) on his. He ate almost the entire little bagel. RL on the other hand had almost 3!!!

Everything I can find that Jonah can eat is like a little milestone to tackling these allergies. Yesterday I discovered that these are DF, EF, PF (dairy free, egg free, peanut free) also.


Gigi said...

Yummy! glad J is getting some top treats!

BTW - the floors were great! Glad you got them!

Leanne said...

nice! that's always such a great feeling to find things that allergic kids can eat, and will enjoy!