Wednesday, June 23

Home Makeover

I don't know how many of you have kids and/or carpeted dining areas, but I have both.... and they just don't mix!
My kitchen floor was in pretty bad shape too. I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but there are spots where the floor is being help together with duct tape!
So, I asked my boss (begged, really) to get new floor and to have that floor extend into the dining room -- making meal clean-ups so much easier! Much to my surprise, my boss TOTALLY SAID YES!!!
I didn't waste much time in scheduling the installation and even went to the flooring store (with my mom's help) to pick out the vinyl for my new floor!
I also asked for my bathroom floor to be replaced. While rebuilding my bathroom ceiling (after a huge water leak distroyed it) the repair man dropped his hammer on my floor not only tearing up the vinyl, but leaving a hole in the concrete underneath it also. I figured while they were doing the kitchen, they might as well do the bathroom too, right? Again, I got a YES!!!
And the final result???

This is the floor pattern I chose. It is stone-looking with hints of blue, making it a perfect match for my gray-ish carpet and blue walls! My other options were white.... and once again... not a good idea with kiddos!

Don't you just LOVE it????? I do!!! It is so much easier. Now I can wipe my floor clean instead of scrubbing the carpet!!

Up next on the reno list:
- New kitchen sink
- New kitchen faucet
-White tile backsplash
-Repaint bathroom (don't really like the color)
-Paint kitchen

So... what were we up to all day?? Well the kids were stuck in their room. We did everything we could think of:
- A tea party (with pretzels and water)
-Played with tents and tunnels
-Watched a couple movies
-Took trips out to look at the floor progess

They were such good sports!!!!


Shawna said...

Your kids are so cute Katy!

Emma said...

You got your floor...hurray!!