Thursday, July 22

It's Been A While

I apologize to anyone out there who actually looks at, reads, or comments on my blog. I've been sooooo busy lately with my KdBuggie business that my family blog has escaped me! Here are a couple pics of what we have been up to the last couple weeks. I still have more kitchen makeover pics to post too... I just have to find them...

Here's what the kids do when I'm not watching.... RL colored all over her legs, arms, and face. She also managed to get JM's face... not sure how though, he's a pretty fast moving target!

After some begging and pleading, I used up almost an entire color cartridge on my printer to put together Digi-Medal books for the kids to color. Don't know what a digi-medal is??? Well... you need to watch Oso on playhouse disney then. After all that ink, and time cutting out all the paw pilot shapes, punching the holes in each paper, and putting them together with pipe cleaners..... JM sat and ate the crayons and the papers while RL colored. Once she was done, he tore hers apart too. Oh well!!

***NOTE: The following picture contains a graphic image not suitable for young viewers... or squeamish ones!***

RL thought she would be really clever and lock me outside. When she tried to open the office door to let me know she had locked me out, her big toe got in the way. The metal strip on the bottom of the door sliced her up! Poor thing. She stood there screaming and crying because her foot was stuck under the door. I made her close it, step back, and I went in. We then cleaned it out and it has healed nicely!

At the store the other day RL begged for some Kailan (Sp?) sunglasses. Here she is sporting her new glasses.... yes, I caved! She also insists on wearing a dress just about everyday!! It's great because she stays cool, but I have to do laundry every couple days... bummer!

Everything else is going well. We are all healthy... YAY!! Jm is started to talk a little least so that Danior, RL and myself can understand. He is officially 18 months now and LOVES the nursery!!! I get to enjoy church now too!!

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Katie Wells said...

So I just noticed that you have the "I got Dibbs" blog on your list of blogs. That's my friend Kim's blog (a good friend and old BYU roommate). Small world!!