Thursday, October 7

Yesterday's Happenings

Well... it has been one of those weeks. Haven't been able to go out and do laundry or grocery shopping due to the lovely rain (which I really do love the rain). So, we have been staying home curling up watching movies, and trying to scrounge up something for meals!

Yesterday I made some bread, stuffed it with cheese, and fried it (sounds real healthy huh?) JM's was made with goat cheese -- which we discovered he is totally fine with. RL's and mine were made using real cheese (because I don't like the goat cheese).

Well, I think JM got a hold of something that RL had touched and he rubbed it all over his face. After a bath and some bendryl, this is what his cute little face looked like. (BTW it's really hard to take a good picture of an almost 2 yr-old boy on the move!)

Lately RL has been discovering the joy of coloring. She will grab pencils, markers, crayons, and her coloring books and sit at the table for hours just coloring. Yesterday she wanted me to find her a picture of a butterfly and a bee to color. I found some on the internet and printed them for her. Here is what she did:

How beautiful is that butterfly? She colored them both while I did dishes... I gave her no help nor color suggestions. Somehow she managed to color her butterfly symetrically! She is one smart cookie!!!

Today she is at school, and JM and I are home enjoying our hrs with no water. Why you ask? Well, we have had an ongoing leak in our water heater that the plumber took his sweet time coming out to repair. He is here today and had to shut the water off to the building to make the repair. Fun times!!!


Gigi said...

RL is a brilliant artist!
Poor JM. At least he looks happy and like he was feeling better.
Bummer about the water.

Bren said...

What are you going to do with that kid?!?! Seriously... he is out of control with that allergy stuff. Tell RL that I want a picture.