Sunday, November 28

Walls and Ceiling are Primed!

Here are some pictures from last weekend! We have been so swamped with house stuff that I haven't had time til now to post any! So, we hired a friend of a friend to do our electrical work and scrape our ceilings. He worked fast and was able to get everything done in 1 week... including rewiring some light switches, and installing recessed lighting in the living room and bonus room, and wiring for ceiling fans in the 3 bedrooms and the bonus room!

We really haven't touched this bathroom (the one in the hall) and don't really intend to until after we move in.

This is my very best new friend... a paint sprayer. Danior's friend Keith was in town and stopped by. Gina had been watching kids since early in the morning and come dinner time I think both she and the kids needed a change. While Keith was out at the house visiting Danior, I was at my parent's dropping off our kids (thanks Gina! thanks Mom and Dad!) we realized my parents had a paint sprayer that they had never used!

Keith showed me how to use it and primed the living room for us! (After we spent hours and hours rolling the walls and ceiling in the bonus room!) The next day Danior and I went back to the house and in 2 hrs I sprayed the entire rest of the house (minus bathrooms and kitchen). I LOVE the paint sprayer!!!

This is a view of the bonus room - primed! (and my buddy the sprayer!)

Here is Danior hard at work... in the dining room - primed!

This is a view of the front door from the dining room - primed!
Notice the absence of the hardwood floors??? My sister and her husband worked really hard to get up the hardwood and all the baseboards while me and my family were battling cold after cold!!! Thanks Bren and Mike... your help was VERY much appreciated!

Another shot of the livign room and the bar counter - if you look hard enough you can see the holes for the recessed lighting in the ceiling!

Here are the 3 bedrooms  - primed and ready to go! I walked away from all this priming with white hair and paint all over my hands. BUT, the ceiling and the walls were all primed and ready for painting!

Yesterday our laminate flooring was installed. I can't wait to post pictures of that... it's gorgeous!!! On tap this week and carpet in the bedrooms and tile in the kitchen!
Oh... and packing, packing, PACKING!!!

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