Tuesday, November 9

Much Ado About Halloween!

Thanks to a wonderful winter cold (*sense the sarcasm?*), the kids and I stayed inside the week before Halloween. We missed our ward's party - BIG BUMMER!! So, I decided I would at least make some cookies for the kids to decorate and eat.

It is hard finding good tasting allergy-free recipes... so most of the time I make mine up! This time I used the Snowball Cookie recipe (aka. Mexican wedding cakes). This recipes does not call for eggs!!!! WAHOO! So, I just substituted Nucoa (a soy butter) instead of regular butter ... and voila! A cookie Jonah can eat!!

We lucked out and I was able to find some Halloween frosting at Target that was allergen-free! SCORE!!

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the cookies.... for days!!! Each one had their own decorating and eating technique:

*Jonah: Decorated the cookie and then ate it. After a couple bites he would add more sprinkles. Then take another couple bites and add more sprinkles!

*Rebekah: Frosted and decorated her cookie. Ate all the decorating. Redecorated the cookie. Ate those decorations... and so on. She never actually ate her cookie! :)

Saturday night was the ward Halloween party in my parent's ward. By the end of the week we were all feeling a little better so we ventured out to join the party! Despite the looks on my kids faces... they were actually really excited to be there. Since my mom was co-in-charge of the food for the party she even made sure that there were things on the menu that my sweet little boy could eat! Thanks mom!!!!

Buzz Lightyear - complete with laser light up gun!

 Rosetta (Tinkerbell's fairy friend) - complete with wings and scowl. (Rosetta doesn't really have a scowl, but RL was not happy about having her picture taken)
After about 5 different pictures I finally snapped this one. At least they are both kinda looking at the camera!

After dinner the kids played some games and had a trunk or treat! It was a great party, thanks grandma and grandpa for inviting us!!!

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GMDonovan said...

These are great pics! I love the way both the kids decorate and eat their cookies!

RLs pics will be great to show her in years to come!