Tuesday, November 9

Home Improvement - Part 1

Between work, church, family, and battling monsterous colds we have managed to get out to the house a couple times in the last 3 weeks.

We have ripped up all the carpeting and discovered 2 surprises. In two of the bedrooms the carpet was laid on top of old (probably original) asphalt tiles. They were really easy to take up, and the kids helped to throw away the pieces.

The second surprise (I will have to find some pics of) is that one of the bathrooms that had carpet (why I don't know) was laid on top of thick ceramic tile. Unfortunately the glue they used on the carpet is near impossible to get of the tile, so... up they come!

Jonah has discovered the perfect hiding spot! Between the front door and the screen.

Rebekah loves that the backyard has a bush with lots of flowers on it. (Don't tell her that we are taking it out because of all the thorns too!) After the kids and I swept all the leaves and branches off the patio, she picked flowers and scattered the petals all over!

Jonah loved to help sweep! Luckily we bought a 2-pack of brooms at Costco and there happened to be a small one in the backyard... making 3! Perfect for me, Rebekah, and Jonah to all have one!

 The kids already love the backyard... but... we desperately need a lawn mower. Check out these pics.... (at least the lawn is green!)

So... what's next? We need to scrape the hardwood floor off. *GASP* I know.... but it has lots of chips and we want to have the same floor throughout the house.. so up it comes. Luckily it is only glued on and even that glue isn't holding well... so it should be relatively easy (knock on wood).

We also need to finish taking up all the baseboards and find someone to come scrape our ceiling!

Oh..... and we need to get a lawnmower and weedwacker! In the meantime... if anyone out there wants to come mow our lawn for a little extra $... let me know! :)


GMDonovan said...

So glad you are chronicalling these adventures. You will be amazed at the before and after.

Love the kids in the grass! Glad they have a wonderful back yard now!

You'll have to plant more flowers for RL to pick.

Leanne said...

Are you going to put in a new hardwood floor throughout the house? that would be fabulous! What a fun project that house it will be. good luck!