Friday, November 19

We Totally Lucked Out!!!

So, last Saturday we spent the day at the new house working, mowing, and cleaning. By about 3pm our kids had had enough! So, I called my Dad and he said we could bring the kids over to their place so Danior and I could go appliance shopping!

We dropped them off and decided to head over to the Appliance Warehouse place in Moorpark. We walk in the door and are greeted by 2 nice young ladies who tell us they are going to have a drawing in 45 minutes for a FREE kitchen faucet. We figured we would be there that long anyways so why not enter.

By the time we were done shopping it was 5 minutes til the drawing so we wait. Then they come on the loud speaker to announce the winner. We figured out chances were pretty good since there weren't a lot of people there and if they kept drawing names until  a winner was present... we had a good shot.

So, they say the name: "Dan Martin"
Seriously, we won on the first draw!!

Here is our beautiful new faucet (in the box).

As we walk out of the store with our faucet... the sunset was just gorgeous! It was totally picture perfect (too bad I didn't get a picture) but it was kind of an etherial moment. I know winning a kitchen faucet isn't that BIG of a deal.... but with the amount of $ we are spending on this house... saving an extra $100 meant a LOT to us!

We then went on to Lowes where we found the same fridge we really liked at the discount place for almost $400 cheaper. Guess the discount place doesn't really live up to it's name. So, we bought the fridge at Lowes!

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Lexie Lantz said...

LOVE your new faucet. That's awesome you won it! Congrats on the win and the great deal. :)