Sunday, June 12

Our Garden : To date

So, with a new house and a nice big backyard {YAY!!} we decided this year that we wanted a garden. At least wanted to attempt a garden anyway. We bought supplies from Lowe's {possibly one of my new favorite stores} and loaded up the car, inside and out!

Then we started work on building our raised garden boxes. We decided to build raised boxes and put them on our little cement slab instead of on our grass.

We doubled the height and secured all the wood pieces with metal brackets.

Then we filled it with 3 or 4 different kinds of dirt/potting soils/manure.

Good thing we had two little helpers, eager to get their hands dirty. We even bought some $1 shovels at Target so they could "help".

After week 1, here is what our garden looked like. If you look close {really, REALLY close} you can see little green sprouts!

After week 2 more sproutlets are showing {and so are the water staines on our slab from the raised boxes}.

Week 3 - finally everything has sprouted!

Week 4 {currently} We tried to thin out our corn - the big ones on the bottom right of the large garden box - and I am experimenting with transplanting them to the other side of the box - left. So far they seem to be hanging in there... but we will see how they end up!

The original corn stalks are growing nicely. The largest is about a foot tall! We love corn and are hoping that we actually get to harvest some!

So, what all did we plant??
• corn
• sweet peas
• onions {the big bulb ones}
• carrots
• green onions
• tomatoes {in the pots}

I take a picture every week and this week we are going put together a big posterboard so we can add our picture each week to watch the progess! We will keep you posted!!


GMDonovan said...

Thanks for giving us updates on the weekly progress.

Tera said...

Danior is sure becoming quite the handy man! The garden looks great!