Saturday, October 8

Today's Festivities - 10.8.2011

I know, it's been a looooooong time since this poor blog was updated. I would love to go back and fill you all in, but frankly, I don't have time.... so, I am starting new from NOW!

Here's what we were up to today...

My cousins were in town to celebrate their grandpa's 90th birthday. We all got together at Warner Center Park for some lunch and play time!

Becka and J-bug doing what they do best.... climbing!

Jonah and Noah (his cousin once removed or something) who are a few months apart had so much fun running around, climbing, and being BOYS!

After a while, Rebekah and Mia (who is about a year older than RL) finally got over their shyness and played together for a bit!

Jonah and Gillian are a little more than 6 months apart (Jonah is older). They didn't really play together much though.. just kind of stared at each other!

• • • • •

Just before we all decided to call it quits at the park, we tried to round up all 8 kids to take a picture of them. Here's how it looked....


I am sure we got at least ONE picture where they were all looking... or at least most of them!

It was so much fun visiting with my cousins. When we were little they moved to Northern California and we would only see them once a year at Christmas. As we got older it was Christmas and weddings. Now that some of us have families, it is MUCH harder to get everyone together. It was nice to reunite!


The Gilley's said...

How fun for the kids. And how cute is your blog pictures on top of all of the Halloween costumes. We miss you guys. Loved seeing you and your mama a couple weeks ago.

Love ya!! :)

Jen Lynn said...

That was great. I love those last pictures!

Suzanne said...

That was a great day in the park. The time is flying by so quickly!