Thursday, April 12

My Little Girl is Growing Up...

This not so little girl just turned 5 a couple of weeks ago. March 12th to be exact. A couple of weeks later we had a small family only birthday party. We figured one last family birthday party for her.. since her next one will probably include friends from school... eeek... yes. She is starting Kindergarten in a couple of months. My how time flies by!

Here are a couple of photos from her little party. She has such a fun time being the center of attention.. as only a true princess does. {Though she is the first to correct you and tell you she's NOT a princess}

Gina gave her this very neat set of Disney Princess "Barbie" Dolls. She loves playing with them... but is still trying to figure out how to dress them. That was always the hardest part! 

Aunt Brenda, Uncle Mike, and Landon gave her some really fancy clothes. They are the ONLY jeans she will wear!!! 

This little guy always wants a super close-up picture of himself taken... can't blame him though.. he's darn cute! 

Grandma brought her some balloons along with a gift or two. They hung around the house for almost 2 weeks before I couldn't stand it anymore and threw them out. Rebekah loved them though and kept them in her room. 

Thanks everyone for coming!!! 

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