Thursday, April 12

A Bummer of a Birthday...

This is what my sweet little girl looked like on the morning of her birthday. The poor thing came down with a terrible tummy ache the afternoon before and went to bed at 4:30pm. Then woke up around 9pm and spent some time in the bathroom emptying her tummy of all of the food she had eaten that day. 

When she was finally cleaned up and ready to go back to bed, she insisted on sleeping on her bedroom floor {next to a bowl -- just in case} so that she could get up and go to the bathroom easier. 

She didn't get to go to school... which made her feel even worse. 

Throughout the day she complained of a terrible tummy ache, wouldn't eat or drink, and kept saying she felt like she needed to go to the bathroom A LOT. When evening rolled around I decided to take her to urgent care for what I thought was a possibly UTI. 

She didn't really want to go, but went willingly knowing how terrible she was feeling and that a doctor could possibly make her feel better. 

The nicest nurse brought her a big cup of ice cold water, which she drank ALL of. {She hadn't had much to drink all day, so she wasn't able to pee in a cup -- which BTW is so much fun to teach a 5 year old to do -- so they tried to make her have to go}.

After about 10 minutes it was back to the bathroom. 

The doctor came in and we explained the symptoms. They tested the sample and it came back negative. Then the doctor hit me with a sledge hammer -- almost literally. She examined Rebekah thoroughly with a lot of focus on her side where she was complaining of the most pain. 

After the exam the doctor sat down next to me and said she fears Rebekah may have appendicitis. WHAT?!?! She's only 5.. and only just barely FIVE!!! Isn't she too young for this?!! 

Meanwhile... the poor thing fell asleep on the exam table. 

The doctor explained that I may have to take her to the ER tonight if she starts to curl up in a ball or have so much pain that she can't really even move. Ya... try telling an almost 5 month pregnant mommy that her sweet baby girl may end up having surgery on her appendix in a matter of hours!!!! My heart dropped, I felt like I was going to throw up, and tried so hard to hold it all together! 

The dr. had us schedule an appointment for the next morning with a regular pediatrician to have her "condition" re-evaluated... and hopefully rule out the appendicitis. I could barely drive home. 

Danior and I talked about it and he had an appointment for work in the morning that he COULD NOT get out of. BUT said that if she needed surgery her would come home for sure no matter what. Thankfully we just got new home teachers and I knew that if needed I could call on them to give her a blessing. 

Danior gave her a blessing that night as she laid in bed. I don't think I have ever had a rougher nights sleep. When we woke up in the morning it was like night and day. She looked better... even ate a little bit of toast. We went back to the dr. where she said that she seemed to be fine. No sign of appendicitis. 

Now, I don't know if it was never appendicitis, and the dr. was wrong in her "diagnosis" or if it was the healing power of the priesthood that made it go away. BUT, no matter what the truth is, I was so glad to have my sweet baby girl back.... and SO thankful for a wonderful husband who worthily holds the priesthood! 


Tera said...

that is so scary. And truly a very bummer birthday.

The Gilley's said... scary for all of you! I hope she is feeling better!
When did your kids get so big? :)

We miss you guys! And oh my goodness...and if I read correctly, congrats on baby # 3!How fun! So happy for you guys! I hope you are feeling well.

Brittany :)