Tuesday, May 29

Photo Shoot

Last week I took the kids to a friend of ours who does photography and she took some photos of my kids for me. It was totally last minute... but I wanted to have some nice pictures of them to give to my grandma for her 85th birthday!! 

Here are a couple of my favorites!! 

I'm trying to decide which one... if any to blow up big and put in our living room.... 

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Tera said...

Those two are definitely siblings! Super cute. I think my favorite is the black and white one of Jonah sitting on the bench and playing with his toes!

BTW, I got your gift...SOOOO Darling. The fabric on the burp clothes is so gorgeous. It's exactly what I would have picked if I was choosing fabric. Then when I noticed her name I was almost brought to tears. They are so precious and personal. Thank you so much!