Monday, April 16

Fun on the Farm

Last Saturday we decided the weather was perfect for a trip to the farm in Moorpark {Underwood Family Farms}. The ground was still covered in mud, but that didn't matter to these cuties!! 

We saw the animal show... which just happened to be the petting show. The host of the show would bring out an animal, talk a little about it, then let all the kids come up and pet it. Jonah's favorite was the dog - BINGO - at the very end of the show. He is still talking about him. 

{ya... we aren't all that photogenic as a family.... but it's nice to get a family shot once in a while!}

There is a long wooden train that the kids had a lot of fun climbing in/on/around/and through! 

One of the first things this little guy did was to slide down the muddy hill on his back side. He even wore his cowboy boots to the farm... what a real cowboy! 

His other favorite  thing was to climb up the ladder steps and into the drivers seat of the giant turbine machine. 

Once he was done driving, Jonah joined Rebekah on the other side of the turbine machine for some tunnel sliding!!

You could hear Jonah squealing with delight each time he slid down... it was easy to know when he was coming! 

Since it was a tunnel we could hear them plotting at the entrance to the slide as to how they were going to come down. After watching one of the bigger kids slide backwards, they gave it a shot! 

They slid down holding hands a couple of times. It's moments like these that I just want to freeze. They are happy, playing so nicely with each other, and having such a fun time! 

{sorry, this one got a little over exposed}

The farm also has a really neat hay bale pyramid for the kids to climb on. Rebekah had an easy time while Jonah -- having shorter legs -- took a little longer. 

Aren't these just to two most adorable kids you have ever seen??? 

While Jonah got more sliding time in on the turbine, Rebekah climbed up and down the pyramid by going all the way around each step before climbing up to the next. 

The very last thing  we did before leaving was to let the kids ride the ponies. They'd been eyeing these cute little guys the whole time we were there. You can see just how much fun they had on their faces. 

Rebekah loves riding ponies. May have to start saving now for some horseback riding trips when she gets older. 

Of course my little cowboy was right at home atop his steed... named buttercup. 

Since they were the only ones in line, the nice workers let them choose their ponies. Of course they both chose the two biggest ponies. Rebekah naturally chose the pinkest {ya I made that up} one. I'm not sure why they had pink hair... maybe it's left over from Valentine's Day!??!  

We had a blast. It was so nice to have a Saturday to spend together. We are usually so busy with family and church activities that we hardly get that quality family time together. 

We even brought home some fresh strawberries and sugar snap peas grown on the farm that we ate for dinner. DELICIOUS!!!! 

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