Thursday, June 7

Dr.'s Visit Update

Had a dr.'s visit today. Had to Got to take the kids with me... which is always so much fun. 

Mom, what's that cup for? Mom why do you pee in that cup? Mom, was that the dr.? Mom, is your dr. a boy or girl? Mom, she's pushing me! Mom, is this your dr. or mine? Mom he's hitting me. What did the nurse do to your arm? Are we done yet?!?! 

Well, thankfully the nurses are super nice, and so is that dr., about me bringing my kids.... and they get me in and out quick! 

Here's the scoop:
I am now just over 34 weeks. In the last month I have lost 3 pounds... which isn't bad, except I'm not really supposed to be losing weight at this point. BUT, I've been sick {boo} and so have kids... and when we are all sick sometimes I forget to eat {all you mom's out there can relate I'm sure}. 

Baby's heartbeat is great! BUT, because I am measuring a little small, the dr. wants me to have an ultrasound done at my next visit in 2.5 weeks. She is convinced I am just measuring small because the baby is so stinkin' far down... I'm seriously thinking that if I sneeze too hard she will come flying out! 

I have no doubt that she is the right size because I can feel where she is when she's moving, and she seems nice and big. BUT, just to be on the safe side, the dr. is going to have me checked out. PLUS, at my next visit I get my next exam {dun, dun, dun... } so it will definitely be a fun one! 

The nice thing is that I will get to see another video of my little one squirming around inside, and find out if all of these painful contractions I have been having are actually doing anything... other than making me even more exhausted than I already am! 

5 and a half weeks and counting!!!

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sara said...

I loved my later term ultra sound, it was my favorite, although having it done on a full bladder wasn't fun. I hope all is well and congrats!!