Thursday, June 14

35 weeks and counting

Is anyone doing Project Life!?!? I am... well, sort of. I don't do the picture a day, but I try and create fun little digital 4"x6" images for the BIG events. This one is going in my little-one-to-be's baby book! I have been working to complete Becka's first year of photos. So far I've got about 6 months done. Next up... little man's! 

I'm trying to be better at taking photos with this pregnancy. I wasn't good at belly shots with either of my other two and I kind of regret it. 

I purchased the digital Project Life kits from Jessica Sprague and have been using them to create custom cards and photo inserts. I LOVE it! 

I totally wish I could get some better photos, but this is as good as it gets... taking them with my iphone!!

Hope you are having a great day!! I'm looking froward to my afternoon nap!!


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