Wednesday, June 27

Rebekah's Preschool Graduation

My cute little thing graduated from preschool back on June 7. {Ya, I know I'm a little behind in posting these... but better late than never!?!? }

Rebekah has been attending the YMCA Preschool here in Simi Valley since September 2011. She's been going three days a week from about 7am-1pm and has had a terrific time. Not only has she made new friends, but she's been learning valuable social and educational skills to help prepare her for Kindergarten!! 

June 7th was their graduation ceremony held at the YMCA. 

Here's a behind the scenes shot while they got ready. 

They marched in to Pomp and Circumstance. 

This is the view of her entire graduating class. They all looked so cute... Rebekah was a couple inches taller than most of the other kids.

Here she is getting her diploma from the main teacher, Ms. Debbie. They saved the best for last and she was called last to get her diploma!! Well, actually it was alphabetical by first name, and she was last, but still... I like to think she's still the best!! 

Here are some fun after shots of my little graduate!!

Now it's off to Kindergarten in the Fall!!! 

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