Monday, July 21

A day at the park...

Last Monday our ward had a Family Home Evening at the park. Our friends Tawnie and Jake McCaa took Rebekah to play on the playground equipment. Here are a couple pics from our outing to the park.

Rebekah liked the big elephant statue and tried to say "elephant". It came out more like "fffffnnnn", but that's close enough I guess.

Tawnie took Rebekah down the slide. Her buddy Kaylee was there too. Kaylee has down syndrome and is such a fun girl to be around. She loves Rebekah and is able to say her name... good job Kaylee! Everytime she sees Rebekah she says "baby" and runs over to give her a hug and kiss. When Rebekah sees Kaylee she gets a huge smile on her face and when Kaylee gives her hugs she giggles.

Here Rebekah and Kaylee share a ride in a wagon. They rode all around the little grass area where the ward was hanging out. Rebekah waved at everyone like she was in a parade. Kaylee just liked riding and watching Rebekah. She was happy to be with the baby.

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