Tuesday, November 18


My friend Lana asked if I would be able and/or willing to watch her almost 18 month-old sone Reagan on Halloween morning. She volunteered to help with her daughters classroom "party", and could not bring him with her. Although I was feeling exhausted keeping Rebekah entertained all day while being so pregnant, I accepted the challenge thinking it would be fun to give Rebekah another little person to play with. Mom's are only fun to an extent.
Reagan was a little shy at first, then he discovered the little ride-on school bus that Rebekah has. Of course, that made Rebekah jealous, so we went to her room and pulled her old lion ride-along out of he closet where it had been "hybernating". The two of them then decided to "race" across the living room floor (at least that is how it looked).

Reagan was either slowing Rebekah down so he could catch up, or helping to remind her she needs to sit down on her bus. Either way, I thought it was a cute moment to capture on film. All-in-all they had a great time playing. Rebekah seemed to have a good time playing with someone her own age and size. Hopefully it will continue when her little brother is born... we'll see...


Emma said...

Reagan looks just like his brother and sisters! :-)

Bren said...

Rebekah sit down!!!