Tuesday, November 18

Halloween (sorry for the late post)

We were invited to the Benning's house again this year to celebrate Halloween. We went last year, but Rebekah was only 7 months old and probably doesn't remember any of it. They live in a great trick-or-treating neighborhood where the folks hand out lots of really yummy candy. After eating a fabulous dinner, we got Rebekah dressed in her costume, grabbed our "puntin" buckets, and headed out into the nice cool air to score some good grub!
Danior met Rebekah and I there since he came over straight from work, so I guess he was dressed up as a hard working Dad. My costume (which was probably painfully obvious in the way I waddled) was a pregnant woman who is sooo done being pregnant. Grandma and Grandpa Shisley were there with us and came trick-or-treating with us. We all figured it was strength in numbers when it came to chasing Rebekah around.
Danior is such an awesome Dad. I love this picture of them walking down the sidewalk holding hands. It is also one of the few pictures of Rebekah holding someone's hand where she isn't walking funny (which those of you who have tried to walk with her know all too well -- we think she likes to watch her feet while she walks... because she is usually hunched forwards with her head almost on the ground. If you were to let go of her hand, she would fall head first into the ground).

This is another precious picture of my wonderful hubby and his beautiful fairy daughter. Rebekah proudly displayed her "puntin" bucket for the picture after getting some more candy to help fill it up. We only went about half-way down the Benning's street before turning back. Neither Rebekah or I could take much more of the walking. It was lots of fun though. Thanks Bennings for letting us come over and enjoy your company!!!

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Bren said...

I like the last picture. It is so cute. She made a very cute fairy!