Tuesday, November 18

Nothing Better

This is what Rebekah looks like in her "happy place". One of Rebekah's newest favorite things is to watch Cinderella (the Disney cartoon version). She wants to watch it all day, every day. We try and limit it to once a day, twice if I need to get extra stuff done and need her to just sit for a while and stay out of trouble. This particular day, she decided she wanted to watch Cinderella (or "C-rella" as she calls her) with her baby. Then she wanted her blanket ("baykit), then she needed a cup of water. So, this was the final result. AND... she sat that way for almost the entire movie.
Now she has branched out and likes to watch Sleeping Beauty ("See-Beauty). Although, sometimes she gets her princesses mixed up and it comes out as "C-rella, See-Beauty" or "See-Beauty, C-rella". Mostly I figure that whichever one comes out last is the one she means to say. Rebekah even has her own commentary to go along with both movies, and she gets very concerned when Cinderella gets her dress ripped up by the step sisters, and when Sleeping Beauty goes out to pick berries. Cinderella's dress makes sense, but the only reason I can figure that Sleeping Beauty picking berries upsets her is because when she leaves to go pick the berries, she isn't on the tv anymore. Instead, you watch the fairies argue about the cleaning/cooking/dress making.
The nicest thing though is that when I need to rest and put my feet up, I can pop in Cinderella and we watch it together on the couch. The downside: I've seen it so many times I can quote the entire movie.


Russell Family said...

It must be nice having her sit through the whole thing, though I'm sure you're sick of both movies!

I could use a rest, wanna teach Alec to sit still??

Leanne said...

how nice that you can have some "me" time while she watches. priceless!

Suzanne Shisley said...

I can't wait until Junior comes so I can sit and watch C-rella with her. It's one of my favs too. Be sure and double check that it is in the hospital bag!