Wednesday, October 7

Recent Pics

We haven't posted any new pics for a while, so here is what you have been missing.

One night while Rebekah was sleeping, Jonah crawled over to her baby doll playpen and proceeded to mutilate it Godzilla-style.

He was having such a great time "playing" with it.. I had to catch it on film.

It's a fuzzy pic, but this was at Gina's book signing in Palmdale. They sold out all the books in the store... I think it was around 30!

After the book signing, Danior tried to take a nap... bet you can guess how effective it was.

Rebekah tried to help feed Jonah some puffs one night... and this is what we found on the tray. I was doing dishes at the time... and she dumped the entire container on his tray. He was happy!!!

Rebekah loves to slide across our coffee table...

... Jonah likes to try and catch her.

The other day while Jonah was napping, Rebekah wanted to paint. So, I covered the table in garbage bags, her chair with a shopping bag, and put her in a smock.

She's quite the artist.


Gigi said...

Loved the pics! Great stuff of the kids. I loved Godzilla-Jonah taking out the play pen. and the kids dressed up were darling.

Thanks for the great coverage on the book signing.
Glad you had time to post!


Leanne said...

My kids love to paint! we use watercolors and they are relatively neat with it--and washable!

my baby is also working on walking crazy kids!

Suzanne Shisley said...

Such good pictures, I wish you had time to post more often!!!