Saturday, October 29

Halloween Party - Take One

Last night our ward threw a Harvest Festival including a chili cook-off. I entered, for fun, and submitted my first ever batch of chili {totally regretting not taking a picture of it}. I didn't win, but my crock pot was practically licked clean by the end of the night... so that should mean something, right?

Rebekah won a part of the costume contest for "best hair"... you'll see why when you look at the pictures. Other than having to corral Jonah from the food tables, and trying to entertain them before the trunk or treating, we all had a fabulous time. The kids ended up with lots of candy. The super nice people in our ward even brought special toys and treats to hand out that Jonah could eat.

Here are some pictures from our festivities and getting dressed for the party.

He started off talking like a pirate, but by the end of the night he didn't want anything to do with his hat or eye patch... and he put his hook in his trick or treat bag.

I think she's escaping from the tower..

She is just the sweetest thing in the world! She didn't want to wear the shirt under, but her dress was a little too revealing to be princess worthy... so, alas the shirt was put on.

A true pirate can improvise when he can't find his sword!

Inspecting her hair...

 We, of course, had a costume parade for the kids. Here is my cutie enjoying walking in the parade.

Walking in the parade. Yes, that's me behind.. they marched around all 3 food tables.. just my luck.. so I followed to redirect Jonah to the task at hand rather than touching all the food - didn't want to have to break out the epi-pen at the party.

It was so fun! We really love our ward and the friends we are making. We shared a table with the same family that we shared our first ward party table with.. oh, the memories... (ahem). We still have people asking us if we are new in the ward, and I suppose technically we still are (it'll be a year in December). We still don't know half the people in our ward, and they don't know us... it's even harder to find the few we do know on Halloween!

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The Gilley's said...

I LOVE their costumes. They are so cute. And I can see why Rebekah won for "best hair." :) Sounds like so much fun.