Tuesday, January 13

Jonah's First Tub Bath

A couple days ago Jonah's umbilical cord fell off so he got his first tub bath.. yay! It is always fun giving newborns their first couple of baths before they can hold their head up. Their poor head just kind of flops from side to side, so you have to figure out how to hold them up, get the soap, use the washcloth, and rinse them off all with one hand.
He wasn't too sure about the whole water thing, but didn't cry at all during his bath. He just looked around and seemed to be trying to figure out just what was going on. Rebekah screamed through her first bath, so I was surprised that Jonah was so quiet.
Danior made sure to keep Jonah modest for his bath shots.
Jonah was thoroughly worn out after the bath, so he went to sleep shortly after getting dressed. Danior sed the opportunity to trim his finger nails.

My super smart husband got out his headlamp flashlight to be able to see the tiny fingernails.


Suzanne Shisley said...

Gotta love those super smart things that super smart husbands do!

M. Sperber said...

Danior, does Katy only need to use her thunb for you too??? don't lie....

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